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Estate Pinot Noir 2017


Our own Estate Pinot Noir, planted, nurtured, and vinted by our family.  The lure of Pinot Noir growing amongst the stones of Hillier township is what drew us first to the County.  Somehow the vigour of green life surviving amidst broken stone captured our imaginations.  Extensive leaf-pulling and training of the vines gives us the very best fruit.  The vineyard effort pays off, resulting in our  rich, intensely coloured Pinot Noir, full of delicious tannins without harshness or bitterness. We think the care and attention to detail stands out and hope you love this wine as much as we do making it. 

Cabernet Franc 2016


Our 2016 Cabernet Franc is chock-full of ripe berry flavours. The rich grape tannins in this wine provided enough backbone to vint an approachable red without oaking.  A fruit forward wine that profiles flavour and aroma of the cabernet franc grape without hiding it behind oak. Enjoyable on its own or with fine cheese.

169 cases produced

VQA Four Mile Creek

Intensity 2016


Our first Meritage blend for the wine enthusiast looking for a robust red.  34% Cabernet Franc, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 29% Merlot. Aged in eight “second fill” French oak barrels that we sourced from a California winery that specializes in big reds.


Fruity on the nose, satisfyingly full on the palate.  Especially delicious when served with dark chocolate shavings or when shared with a special friend in front of a warm fire - or both. 

200 cases produced

VQA Niagara Peninsula

Estate Pinot Meunier 2017 SOLD OUT


With only one four rows of Pinot Meunier planted, we usually blend it with our Pinot Noir.  In 2017 we had just enough to make a single barrel of our first varietal Pinot Meunier on the request of a local restauranteur.  It's the same amount of work to make a tiny batch of wine like that, and hardly seems worth the effort.  But the result made us glad that we did. 

Pinot Meunier is an interesting grape.   It's thought to be a mutation from Pinot Noir, and has the quality of ripening early and consistently producing.  Because of this, there is a large acreage planted in the Champagne region of France, where almost all of it is used in the production of sparkling wine.  

We harvested our Meunier last, so it was very ripe, but the grapes were in pristine shape.  Sugar content was moderate so the yeast created a pleasant level of alcohol. 

Ripe, plummy, with tannins that remind some people of coffee or espresso on the finish.  Dry, fruity.

20 cases produced

Estate Pinot Noir 2015 - Heartbreaker TO BE RELEASED 2019


In 2015 we lost nearly all of our crop to a late frost – a heartbreaker harvest.  The tiny crop we eked out that year provided an delicate terroir-driven wine, but only two barrels.

Our Pinot Noir is a labour of love. Extensive leaf pulling, shallow limestone soils, and our warm site typically produce a deeply coloured richly flavoured Pinot Noir.  We aged our Heartbreaker Pinot in 100% French Oak barrels for twelve months, tasted it, and then aged it a further five months. 

Complex in aroma and rich in acidity.

42 cases produced


11.9% alc./vol. 

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$ 26.95

Lightly oaked, crisp, clean tasting, with just the right amount of acidity. 

Grown on our estate from low yielding vines -- only one tonne an acre. 

Exuberance Sparkling Riesling

$ 24.95

Exuberance supports our goal of helping people enjoy life.  A cascade of bubbles on your palate and a lovely aroma --- slight sweetness with a refreshing crisp taste -- the perfect drink to make any day special, and to make special occasions sparkle. 

Try it with escargot or oysters.

Fermented dry then refermented in the Charmat method with dosage added upon bottling.

12.5% alc./vol.

Simplicity 2016


A delightfully fruity and crisp wine, perfect for sipping on the patio.   We make Simplicity from the gorgeous Vidal Blanc grape,  a hybrid of Trebbiano Toscano (Ugni) and Rayon D'or.  Vidal grows well in Ontario, producing juice with high acidity and sugars, perfect for a refreshing wine.


It's all about simplicity.  We made it from grapes which are easy to grow.  We adopted a simple, straight-shooting winemaking approach, avoiding oak and malolactic fermentation, to come up with a clean, bright, easy-drinking summer wine.



Riesling 2016


Off-dry and aromatic, this wine provides a full bodied Riesling experience: tropical fruit with the barest hint of petrol.  Delicious on its own or an ideal pairing for your favourite asian dish.


What we love about this Riesling is its intense fruity aroma.  It reminds me of freshly canned peaches that my grandmother once put in mason jars in late summer, but with a bit more zip.  

Pinot Gris 2016


Deliciously satisfying, a lush pinot gris grown in one of the best vineyards in Niagara.  Vinted for you by our winemaking staff at Broken Stone Winery.  Dry and unoaked. 

Chardonnay Barrel Reserve 2016


Six barrels of premium Chardonnay from our affiliate vineyard in Niagara were blended into a buttery, smooth-tasting classic Chardonnay.  Partly barrel fermented with battonage for a smoother mouth feel and richer taste.

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"Sexy Orange" Skin Fermented Pinot Gris 2017 SOLD OUT

$ 29.95

Our estate Pinot Gris was fermented on the skins for 10 days, extracting that luscious orange hue along with the lignans and tannins that orange wine afficianados seek out. 

We elected to allow this Gris to go through malolactic fermentation, softening the acidity and adding to the complexity.

No oranges were used in making this orange wine.


"Rosie Poesie" 2017 SOLD OUT

$ 19.95

Our first harvest of County Cab Franc... made into tiny amount of delightfully fresh and fruity Rose.

Bone dry, fruity, delicious.

30 cases produced.

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