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"Gris on Fire"
Skin Fermented
Pinot Gris
Single Vineyard, Unfiltered

This is the wine where we get to try out new techniques.  In 2023 we first gathered natural yeast from the vineyard by harvesting some grapes, some flower petals, and mushing it all together in a carboy.  We babied that carboy, moving it into the sun in the morning to warm it up gently, then in the shade and inside to keep the temperature stable during hot afternoons or cool nights.  Daily we would add more crushed grapes.  When Harvest day came, we had a "Pied du Cuvée" that was enthusuastically bubbling away and smelling sweet. 

We added that to 1.5 tonnes of crushed Pinot Gris and let it ferment for 35 days.  As the cap dropped we put it into a covered tank to prevent oxygen contact.  

The wine was pressed out at 35 days and then settled naturally.   We added the minimum sulfite required to protect it and bottled the wine unfiltered by hand.

There were lots of crunchy tannins to make it interesting.  This wine will need to age one or two years to smooth out and show its true potential.   We understand that folks today don't want to age their wine.  However, good things come to those who wait, it's true!  You should try a bottle now and then age another bottle until 2026 to truly enjoy the evolution of this remarkable wine.

Visit our online store to purchase Gris on Fire 2023 after May 15 2024

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