'Amour' Artisanal Sparkling 2018

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This sparkling was harvested from our estate vineyards planted in 2010. It is made from equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

We are proud of this true craft wine -- each step of the way done by hand. After we crushed and fermented the fruit, we blended the components to make a base wine. More yeast and sugar were added to start the second fermentation, and the wine went into heavy sparkling wine bottles and was closed with a crown cap, where it fermented for 12 months. After this period, we riddled the first 120 in a wooden pupitre by hand. This took 21 days, following which the bottles were chilled to zero degrees and then carefully disgorged to remove the yeast and sediment. We then topped up the bottle with some Chardonnay Sans Chene and recapped it with a new crown cap.

The resulting wine has a pale amber hue and lovely sparkles. It's fruity, very dry, and a crisp refreshing celebratory toast that can set any special occasion off on the right foot.

We've dedicated this wine to Nanna, Micheline's Mom and matriarch of our vineyard and family. She had a distinctive signature when she wrote to her children, ending each letter with the words 'Amour, Nanna'. Nanna departed this world in 2018 after a long rich life.

We're keeping her memory and love alive with every toast.

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