Locally Grown Wines

Our Local Terroir: Locally Grown, Estate Grown and VQA Prince Edward County Wines

Terroir is the confluence of climate, soil, and culture. It's what makes a wine region special.

Estate Wines are 100% crafted from grapes that we planted and grew at Broken Stone Winery. They started with a dream of living in the country and a risk taken of planting vines despite the scorn of others. These wines are the result of perseverance through drought, a year lost to frost, and scrabbling in the hard soils of Hillier Township. They are the collaboration of neighbours and friends.

VQA Prince Edward County Wines are made from our friends' grapes -- neighbours who have taken the same journey.

Broken Stone Winery

524 Closson Road | Prince Edward County |  Ontario | Canada

K0K 2J0

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