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A Cottage in the Vineyard

winery expansion foundation

Our new Vineyard Cottage (now complete) is adjacent to the winery and overlooking the vineyards.

As our kids grow into teenagers, Broken Stone Winery Airstream HQ has become decidedly crowded.  And Nanna wants to stay with us.  The trailer was never practical for an octogenarian, so Nanna stays at B&Bs when she visits.  As comfortable as the nearby Lavender Farm is with its gracious hosts Derek and Rolande, Nanna would much rather wake up at our vineyard for breakfast with the kids.

After much discussion, we decided that for our next major project we’d build more comfortable accommodation.  Unseasonably warm weather this winter means we’ve already poured and backfilled the foundation for our new Vineyard Cottage.

A growing winery business is always hungry for more cash flow, so we’ll hopefully defray the new building costs by renting out the rooms when we’re not there.  It’s so exciting… people will love sharing our experience of staying on our working vineyard and being part of the winery action.

We’ll keep Airstream HQ around.  Now part of our history,  it’s still perfect for my accommodations when I’m there tending the vineyard and making wine without the rest of our family.  On many occasions I’ll be around to visit with Vineyard Cottage guests, or not, depending on whether they wish the company.  In the Spring, a better view of the vines, a little bit of privacy from the rest of the operation, and upgraded solar power panels are in the plans for Airstream HQ.

You can check out the Vineyard Cottage at Broken Stone Winery on AirBnB by clicking here:   A Vineyard Cottage

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