• Tim Kuepfer

A Long Winter’s Nap Ahead


Tasting room staffer Yvonne is so crafty.  A couple of corks, sticks and ribbon = Rudolph!

Fall came and went in a flurry of happy faces.  On the second last day of our season, we sold the last bottles of our Chardonnay and Simplicity.  So we pulled some of the 2015 Riesling No2 out of the tank, and started pre-selling that, just so that we would have a white wine for people to taste.

During Wassail we hosted bus loads of people, including an enormous limo bus that unfortunately tried to turn around in our field.  Soil that is normally rock hard had turned soft and mushy with Autumn rains.  So the bus didn’t stray far from our driveway before it became buried to its axels in the mud.  Even a valiant effort by two farm tractors pulling simultaneously  couldn’t budge it.  On board the bus, the Wassail party never stopped, with music and wine aplenty. But those prospective wine tourists from Toronto weren’t going to more wineries that day.  It was only after dark that a 15 tonne tow truck from Belleville winched the huge bus to firmer ground.   The newly liberated Wassailers set off fireworks to celebrate and off the bus drove.

Funny things like that happen often at Broken Stone Winery.  But now it’s time to quiet down a bit.  Thanks to our dear friends helping us through our challenges, the vines are now safely hilled up, the wines have fermented in their vats and barrels, and the last of the Wassail revellers have been sent on their way.

Time for us to return to the city and to the office, for the kids to focus on their swimming pools, hockey arenas, and schools — to spend time with our family over the holidays, to rest, and to dream all winter about next year’s growing season, when it starts all over again.

Happy holidays.

Ps. although the tasting room is closed, we’re still selling our delicious wines

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