• Tim Kuepfer

Circle of Wine

Our 2012 Pinot Noir in the stainless steel tank.  Wth the carbon dioxide and volatile alcohols in the air plus a day of hard work making me a little light-headed … psychadelic … whoooaaahh!

Our hard-won grapes are now officially a young wine.  From this point to bottling it’s a 8 month journey past a series of relatively easy wine making milestones.   Fortunately it’s  a quiet path.

The other half of our project – growing kids in the city – really starts to take off this time of year.  The more mature they get, the more complex and interesting they are, but the more demanding.  While the wine and vines slumber peacefully through the Winter, we’ll be rushing from work to schools to pools to hockey rinks…No rest for the weary this year.  As soon as Hockey winds down in April, the vines will begin to awake and the cycle continues.

But while that’s fun, the 2012 vineyard fun isn’t quite over either … we still have the significant operation of tying  down and burying all our vines.  Stay tuned.

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