• Tim Kuepfer

Hello World

winery road shot sept 2013

“What are you doing?” a neighbour asked.

“I’m digging a hole for my new sign” I said.

“You’re going to need a rod;  you can’t dig a hole in the County without a rod”

It’s true.  Hand digging in Hillier’s soil is a humiliatingly difficult proposition.  The limestone rocks jar your bones with every stab of a shovel.  Last time I had to dig holes, I borrowed a jackhammer from Sugarbush to break up the earth.

This time my neighbour lent me a heavy iron bar to chip away at the soil and pry out stones. After about an hour of toil I had my two-foot hole for my signpost.

We came by the name Broken Stone quite honestly.  The limestone that can be so cruel when digging holes works magic with the vines, holding warmth from the sun, draining the soils, and imparting nutrients in the grapes and minerality into the wine.

A couple of bags of post cement, level the signpost, and Hello World!  Our winery now proudly announces its presence to passers-by.   Come in for a tasting!

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