• Tim Kuepfer

Hopeful Beginnings

It was the stones.   They drew me in.  Like so many of us in the County, when I first I looked at the soil I wondered how it could contain such potential, such magic.

Today I took my two oldest girls out to our new farm.

They pranced through the vineyard , enjoying the spring day.

Our one-year-old vineyard at this point is still dormant, and the trellis system is not even finished – just some t-bars and cedar end-posts with dormant vines among the rocks.

My girls too are excited at the prospect and potential of these stony fields in the County.

Today we built a picnic table and had lunch.

And then found a big tree for the beginnings of a treehouse.

It is so important to nurture the magic of childhood.  Today, wide spaces and the promise of their own space in the trees proved to be exciting.

Today we played.  The grapes and the hard work come later…

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