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Our new Winery means we can share our wine, and our County dream, with other people!

Wine enthusiast and blogger Joe Hache from http://www.princeedwardcountywineries.com reached out to us with a great idea.  Why not host a whole busload of wine enthusiasts before we even open?  The Opimian Society, Ottawa chapter.

And so, after a frantic scramble to finalize details,  we poured Pinot Noir for 42 Opimians, a gracious crowd of oenophiles.  They flowed off a yellow bus in a seeming endless stream.  I would go to close our door and it seemed like a few more were still coming in.

A speech, applause, laughter and tasting of Pinot Noir.  They lined up with questions and clamoured to buy wine.  Our younger daughter Ellie  suddenly appeared with Woody, the vineyard dog, in the midst of the commotion (even though she was supposed to remain hidden and keeping the dog out of trouble in the Airstream).  The Opimians seemed to think everything was a great hit.

Then off they were, as suddenly as they arrived, happily carrying their Broken Stone Pinot Noir in the black bags we provide, like loot bags from a birthday party.

Pleasantly relieved that everyone seemed to have fun, Micheline and I watched the bus drive back up the lane, off to the next destination.

What a fun way to get started!  Thank you Opimians!

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