• Tim Kuepfer

Seed of an Idea

Two weeks after fermentation begins, the must stops bubbling and all the skins sink to the bottom of the fermentation vat.  It’s time to press the wine and put it into a stainless steel tank.

Winemaking is rich with odours, textures, and images.  I can only share the images. You’ll have to imagine the rest, or come pay us a well-timed visit at Harvest next year.

Wine grapes have lots and lots of seeds.  We skim as many as possible out before pressing the skins, which improves the wine.  Then we discard them on the compost heap.

Horrific waste!  It seems to me they should be made into a delicious product.  Roasted Pinor Noir grape seeds on your salad, anyone?  Perhaps next year…

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