• Tim Kuepfer

The Big Hare

A few years ago, cute little bunny rabbits hopped all over the vineyard whenever I mowed or trimmed the vines.  The pastoral scenery of the vineyard is at its height in midsummer, and the addition of cute little bunny rabbits hopping all over the place amongst the greenery of the grapevines pushed it over the top.  It would make me laugh in delight.

Then they disappeared for a few years.  I wondered where they went?  Perhaps the coyotes that howl in our woods each night feasted on them, perhaps they just migrated to the next field — who knew?

Or perhaps they grew up.  This year, something new — a giant hare.  Now a rabbit the size of our dog lazily hops away from the tractor, not in a hurry, confident in the strength of its powerful legs to spring it to safety, should my machinery come too close.

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