• Tim Kuepfer

Wellington Canada Day Parade

Sugarbush Vineyards teamed up with us to build a float for Canada Day

The next generation at Sugarbush Vineyards and Broken Stone Winery celebrates Canada Day with flair!

Wellington is the closest town to our vineyard, and it is one of the most charming villages you can imagine.  Each year they put on a terrific Canada Day celebration.   This year we thought it would be fun to be part of the parade instead of just watching, so we rang our friends at Sugarbush to suggest the idea of a float.

Next thing we knew, Sugarbush supplied a wagon, a tractor, a trellis, a press, a barrel, some crates and some energy, and we had a float.   They sprang right into action, supplied most of the materials, did most of the work and then thanked us for the idea.  That’s just how those folks at Sugarbush Vineyards are !   Thanks Sugarbush.

The kids had fun tossing candies and the adults had fun waving flags.  Happy Canada Day!

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