• Tim Kuepfer

World’s most expensive grapes

We have two small vineyards planted at the front and the back of our property.  We call the front “the Magic Hill” and the back “the Back Acher”.  We had big hopes for The Back Acher this year as the vines were coming into production for the first time.

But Nature, capriciously,  decided to send a flock of wild turkeys to pick nearly all of the grapes.  They gobbled them up! So instead of 60 lugs, we have six as a result of the summer’s toils.  And so goes farming.

Fortunately we have 670 litres of Magic Hill pinot noir safely bubbling through fermentation and we still have a few grapes to harvest at our party today. Although  the ground is a little wet the skies are clear and we are going ahead with the pick.

So how expensive were the grapes? Let’s be optimistic and say we got 100 kilos of chardonnay and pinot gris- I would say it cost $8000 to produce them.  So $80,000 per tonne.

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