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Our family had a dream of living in the country but we lived in the city.  We took our first step in 2009 when we purchased three hayfields on a quiet backroad in Prince Edward County.  At the time, we just wanted to play with a patch of paradise.  The acre of newly planted grape vines that came with the land was almost an afterthought.  

It started with a simple notion.

 For two summers we worked long hours in the vineyards.  Then in 2010 we threw our first harvest party and harvested two tonnes of quality Pinot Noir wine grapes.  Emboldened, we planted another four acres of grapes with a vague notion that someday we might build a winery.  
In 2012 we built a small building and obtained the necessary licensing to make wine.  Broken Stone Winery was born.   Since then, we've been balancing the busy lifestyle of raising three teenage girls in Toronto with our passion for making wine and growing vines in Prince Edward County. 
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