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You might find winemaker Tim Kuepfer in the cellar or the store, but he spends most of his time in the vineyard.  He believes that great grapes make great wine, and works hard to ensure that each great vintage is a little better than the last.


Tim started his career in the Toronto financial sector, but as Micheline says, "you can take the boy out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy".


Tim learned the craft of winemaking from the vibrant community of Prince Edward County winemakers, and the science from UC Davis. 


Micheline Kuepfer is the glue that binds Broken Stone Winery and the Kuepfer family together.  With her background in marketing and consumer demographics, she keeps the Broken Stone Winery brand on track, and nurtures the welcoming atmosphere in our tasting room.   At the same time she is the organizing factor that allows us to balance a busy schedule with three teenage girls in Toronto. 


It was Micheline's influence that pushed our family to take the first step of purchasing three hayfields on a backroad in Prince Edward County, the first step on the way to making the country dream happen.




Candace Battig joined us in 2013 as our Assistant Winemaker.  She does every job necessary to make Broken Stone Winery thrive, spending her time in the vineyard, in the winery, and in our store. 


Combining a passion for local foods, a degree in Biochemistry,  and Oenology coursework at UC Davis, Candace is involved with all aspects of crafting delicious wine.


Each year in our off season, Candace travels widely to other wine regions and brings back new ideas and energy to share with us.

Our grapes wouldn't be in such fine shape without people like Cecil Hawke.  A County boy, Cecil has tended our vines since 2013.  Cecil is out there in all sorts of weather, pounding posts, hoeing grapes, and tucking grapevines.  He's a good example of the "can-do" work ethic that built our country and today gets harder to find.


Prince Edward County local Yvonne Battig is an essential part of our winery retail store team, enthusiastically leading visitors through their wine tasting experience since 2014.   (Yes, Yvonne is Candace's Mom!)

Anika, Eva, Ellie, Micheline and Tim Kuepfer...and Woody, the vineyard dog

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